A Passion For Happiness

A Cheesecake Situation combines a lifetime of passion for the art of baking and a genuine love for making people smile. This fusion creates a cheesecake that is more than just a cheesecake... it's a SITUATION!

So, we are making Charlotte smile, one Mini Situation at a time.


How this siTuation began...

Ever since she touched her first whisk, she knew she wanted to touch lives with her ability to bring life to ingredients. Starting at the age of seven, while making mud birthday cakes for her brother (don't worry, he didn't eat them) she began to feel her passion grow. She knew she wanted to make her loved ones smile through food. Being in the kitchen always made her feel calm, happy and purposeful. 

"I love the way food makes people feel. The way that something extremely delicious can touch your soul. The way that something you've been craving can send peaceful vibes through your body. That sensation was what I was looking to create when nurturing the dream of A Cheesecake Situation. I just want everyone who tastes them to feel like they're getting that big hug they've been needing all day, that harmonious moment that we all desire." 

After receiving a Culinary Degree from Johnson and Wales University (Charlotte Campus), Tiffany went on to receive her Business Degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. All the while dreaming to one day own her own company, where her hard work and determination would be put to use in a way that brings joy. After working in the food industry for the past 8 years, Tiffany has learned that she enjoys adding value to the world through people's tastes buds.



-CheeseCake BuDDies- 

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